To all students / 学生の皆さんへ

To all the students:

Microorganisms that live in almost every place on the earth have evolved explosively with its diverse functions and adaptive abilities. We humankind coexisted with microorganisms for a long time. Modern microbiology beginning with Koch and Pasteur has made great contributions to human society through making it possible to explore their potential abilities and producing useful goods by fermentation.

Now that the microbial genome and metagenomic research have advanced greatly, microbiology has entered a new era. New research subjects such as unexplored physiology of filamentous fungi that are multicellular microorganisms, communication within microbial species or between species, symbiotic phenomena, environmental adaptation, epigenetics, etc. have emerged. The laboratory of microbiology, which was founded by Professor Gakuzo Tamura who discovered mevalonic acid and tunicamycin, has greatly contributed to the fields of both basic and applied microbiology so far. In order to further advance microbiology, we aim to create a laboratory that challenges new issues by collaborating with all the members beyond every barrier such as specialized expertise, age, and place of origin. Our research themes include not only the molecular biology of filamentous fungi, but also new projects such as chemical biology of biologically active substances derived from microorganisms, metabolic control of yeast and animal cells, and intercellular communication. The main player is always the people who actually tackles the research. We believe that we have great potential in future microbiology. Come and let’s challenge!

Minoru Yoshida





吉田 稔